May 4, 2020

Medical Industry Customer Thanks RCD for its Support - in the Fight Against COVID-19

RCD Components, an affiliate of Gowanda Components Group, was recently thanked by a major medical equipment manufacturer for the “incredible support and commitment over the past few weeks” as shown by the RCD production team. They went on to say that RCD’s efforts were critical in the manufacturer’s ability to continue production of equipment which is vital in the fight against COVID-19 adding that those efforts have “made an incredible difference in the lives of many”.

April 2, 2020

Serving the needs of those helping the front line – an update on COVID-19 from GCG

As we all experience the growing impact of COVID-19 on our personal and professional lives, we hope that you, your loved ones and business colleagues take precautions per local, state, federal and CDC guidelines to remain safe and healthy in these stressful times. Hopefully all of us working separately but together on such precautions can contribute to slowing the spread of the virus.

As a US-based company, Gowanda Components Group is proud to play a role in providing its products to many essential organizations who supply equipment, systems and services that support the public at large and more specifically the medical professionals who are at the front line, enabling them to focus their herculean efforts on the care and treatment of their expanding number of patients.

GCG, now consisting of 10 affiliate companies involved in the design and manufacture of high performance electronic components including inductors, magnetics, resistors and filters, brings over several hundred years of combined business experience and numerous advancements in component technology to help address and support critical applications in military, transportation, communication and medical sectors. As such, we continue to design, manufacture and deliver components from our eight US facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of those components now directly or indirectly support the medical community, at its greatest time of need.

GCG’s affiliate Gowanda Electronics supplies RF and power inductors and broadband conicals to manufacturers of satellites and other communication equipment that enable GPS and related systems to function correctly and consistently, thereby enabling transportation systems to provide timely delivery of products in support of hospitals and other medical facilities. Components from Gowanda Electronics and its sister affiliates also enable medical equipment – including MRIs and ventilators – to operate reliably and predictably.

DYCO Electronics, another affiliate of GCG, supports the safe and efficient transportation of people and goods by rail. This is very important for essential workers, medical equipment and materials that need to be transported to the areas of need, which, by the very nature of the virus, continue to evolve and change over time. DYCO’s magnetic components are utilized in positive train controls and rail safety crossing systems, in onboard and chassis-mount power supplies and in high speed rail systems, assuring safety and timeliness.

All of GCG’s affiliates – those mentioned above as well as HiSonic, Gowanda REM-tronics, Butler Winding, Communication Coil, RCD Components, TTE Filters, Microwave Circuits and Instec Filters – provide electronic components for use in high-performance equipment in health and diagnostic applications and in systems utilized by various departments of the military. These medical and military entities assure the overall safety of our country and its citizens, while adjusting their missions to address specific challenges which we face from the corona virus pandemic.

As a supplier of these critical components, we understand the equally critical importance of keeping our employees and business partners safe during the pandemic. We have taken action to help prevent the spread of the virus in our facilities, while also taking action to assure our operational teams have the materials, equipment and technology that they need to continue to provide our products to those who depend on them.

Rest assured, in a world full of turmoil, we are here if you need us. We stand ready to provide you with Solutions Designed for Demanding Applications during these unprecedented times. We also hope that the COVID-19 outbreak is contained as quickly as possible and its impact minimized to the greatest extent possible here in the USA and around the globe.

Please note that due to the pandemic, GCG is suspending onsite customer visits & audits at all of its facilities until further notice.

March 20, 2020

We are ready to serve your need for inductors, magnetics, resistors and filters from our position of strength

In these troubling times of the corona virus we want you to know that GCG is in an exceptionally strong position to assist you with your electronic component requirements. We enhanced our raw material inventory just prior to the pandemic and continue to leverage our company’s vertical integration strengths in order to address the needs of our customers. These strengths include:

Please contact us for assistance with your requirements. We’re ready to serve your need for inductors, magnetics, resistors and filters…..and to help you be successful.

To access more information about GCG’s facilities and capabilities or to view an updated list of our 2020 trade shows please use the links below.