“MLP” Series Responds to Market Need for “MIL-PRF-27” Components


Gowanda Electronics, a designer and manufacturer of precision electronic components for power and RF applications, introduces three MLP inductor series which have been added to the military’s Defense Supply Center Columbus (DSCC) Qualified Products List (QPL) for MIL-PRF-27. The military MIL-PRF-27 specification addresses various categories of electronic components, including surface mount power inductors and high current surface mount power inductors for use in electronic and communication applications.

Gowanda’s MLP5025 series is qualified to MIL-PRF-27/367A while the company’s MLP1812 series meets MIL-PRF-27/368A and the MLP8527 series meets MIL-PRF-27/370A. By introducing these lead-containing MLP, Gowanda is responding to a need conveyed by organizations in the military market for more QPL-approved inductor suppliers.

Gowanda’s three MLP series were designed for power applications in military, aerospace and defense communities. This includes use in communication, guidance, and security applications, as well as in radar, test & evaluation, and special mission applications.

In connection with this announcement, David Schaack, President of Gowanda Electronics, said, “Gowanda Electronics is proud of its accomplishments in the defense community, and we are committed to expanding our support of the military market through additional QPL pursuits for power and RF inductor components. With the testing that is now underway, and intended for the future, we are on track to introduce more QPL inductors in 2009 and beyond.”

In order to achieve military qualification Gowanda was required to do extensive qualification testing. This testing was achieved in-house via the company’s comprehensive Environmental Testing Lab. This lab was installed at Gowanda’s headquarters location expressly to support the military market in connection with the company’s plans for increased participation in this sector.

Technical specifications for the discreet part numbers within these series cover the following ranges:

All three series contain ferrite cores, have an operating temperature range of -55°C to +130°C, and are available in tape and reel packaging.

Technical Information
MLP5025 Series
MLP1812 Series
MLP8527 Series

Gowanda Electronics can offer variations to these designs in order to meet the specific requirements of an application. Gowanda is also interested in hearing from companies that are looking for partnering opportunities to address customer-specific QPL needs. For design details, custom requirements and/or partnering opportunities please contact Gowanda Electronics at (716) 532-2234 or sales@gowanda.com .

For pricing and delivery information regarding these QPL products please contact Gowanda Electronics.

This announcement about Gowanda’s MIL-PRF-27 qualification complements the previously announced QPL approval of Gowanda’s MLRF3013 series which meets specific MIL-PRF-83446 requirements for RF inductors. (Refer here)

The installation of an Environmental Testing Lab on site at Gowanda and the establishment of the necessary programs to pursue QPL qualifications reflect Gowanda Electronics’ commitment to the military market segment. Gowanda has other product series under test for QPL approval. To access the current status of Gowanda’s QPL progress click here.

Additional QPL announcements will be forthcoming as testing is completed. For information about the company’s Environmental Test Lab click here.

For more Department of Defense QPL information refer to the DSCC website: http://www.dscc.dla.mil/

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